ActiveX/OCX Error

ActiveX/OCX error fixing becomes necessary at times when your computer is experiencing problems mostly due to the program Flash. OCX is a control script for Object Linking Embedding, or OLE, and is responsible for such functions as scroll bar, video and text imaging, and more.

Common Symptoms

ActiveX/OCX errors are often known right away when they happen. You will know when it is happening to your computer because your machine will experience freezes, programs will randomly stop working and error messages such as, ‘Component ‘Comdlg32.ocx’ or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid” will show up on your screen cluing you in to the problem.

Possible Causes

ActiveX/OCX errors are usually caused by a program either overwriting or totally deleting some or all of the ActiveX/OCX .dll library files. Other possible causes are your Flash Movie Player and/or your Adobe Reader not meshing properly with your other computer files.

Suggested Solution

The best method of ActiveX/OCX error fixing is to use a program that can first diagnose your system for the error and then fix it. So, you must first run a scan with a program that is capable of accomplishing ActiveX/OCX error fixing and have it see if there are any .ddl library errors. Once the scan is done, you will know if there are any codes missing, if your registry for that particular application is bad, or if there is any corrupt files that may be causing the jam up. Once diagnosed, you can then have the problem fixed, which is usually an automated process consisting of nothing more than a click or two of your mouse button.

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