Blue Screen Errors

If you get to the point where you have to contemplate blue screen errors fixing, then your computer is in rough shape. The blue screen errors, also known as the ‘The Blue Screen of Death,” will stop your computer from whatever it is doing and instantly alert you as to what the error is on your screen.

Common Symptoms

There is no mistaking a blue screen error as your computer will suddenly stop any program it is in and your monitor will go all blue in color. On the screen will be a whole slew of words detailing what the actual error is and these messages can vary greatly.

Possible Causes

A blue screen error can be caused by many things such as:

To find what the possible cause is you need to look on the blue screen where it says ‘STOP.’ After the word STOP, there is technical information that follows, which can and can’t be helpful depending on your level of computer knowledge.

Suggested Solution

Because there are many possible causes to your blue screen error, there will also be many possible blue screen error fixes for it as well. The most common two are updating your computer’s registry and having your computer scanned for other possible problems. If you update your computer’s registry and the problem persists, you are better off just having a program scan your computer for the root problem rather than trouble shooting through the various other ways in which you may be able to catch the problem. Once your computer is scanned, you will know right away what the problem is and also be able to find out the best possible solution for a fix.

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