Macro Errors

Runtime Error 2147417848

A Runtime Error 2147417848 is an error that is the direct result of using the Microsoft Visual for Basic Macro. Usually associated with the program Microsoft Excel, this problem can be especially frustrating as it might only happen on certain PCs and not others.

Symptoms of Runtime Error 2147417848

When a Runtime Error 2147417848 occurs you will know right away as a pop-up style error message will appear. You will also likely not be able to access Excel in the correct manner, or at the very least there will be some spreadsheets that will be affected by the error.

Causes of Runtime Error 2147417848

This problem is generally causes as a result of using the Macro too many times. Usually, this overuse will result in pivot tables being created which then generates the error. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done about using the Macro as it is part of the program.

Fixing a Runtime Error 2147417848

For this type of error, Microsoft has created what is known as a Hotfix. The Hotfix is an easy and quick solution that can be used to fix the Macro that is causing the problem. To obtain the Hotfix for a Runtime Error 2147417848 execute the following steps:

1. Log onto

2. Conduct a search for Runtime Error 2147417848.

3. Find a knowledge based article regarding the Runtime Error 2147417848 in question.

4. Look for the “Hotfix download available” button and click to download.

Follow the prompts given then restart your computer to make sure the Hotfix is applied properly.

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