Solutions for a POP3 Error

A POP3 Error is an error that will keep PC users from being able to correctly e-mail with the program Outlook and/or Outlook Express. Depending on the POP3 Error, a user who sees this type of error will either not be able to send e-mail out or receive e-mails in. In extreme cases, they will not be able to do either.


POP3 Error Symptoms

As mentioned, when a POP3 Error occurs the end result is an e-mail program that will not allow you to adequately send and/or receive your e-mails. Anytime this happens you will be alerted with a POP3 Error message which will pop up and contain the actual error along with some code via numbers.


POP3 Error Causes

The POP3 is what verifies information between servers. So, a likely cause with this error is that the POP3 information you have entered is incorrect. However, if this is suddenly happening then it is likely that your machine has either contracted a virus or you have a registry problem, which is probably in the form of too many corrupt files.


POP3 Error Solutions

Before attempting anything else, be sure your PC is free of any viruses. Your can do this by following these steps:

  1. Open up your anti-virus software program.
  2. Select to scan your entire PC and all its files.
  3. Delete any viruses found.
  4. Restart your computer.

If a virus scan doesn’t fix the problem you need to make sure that your POP3 information is accurate. Double check the information and then go back into your account settings in Outlook or Outlook Express and reenter all the information to ensure accuracy.

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