CD-ROM Not Responding

When your computer has a CD-ROM Not Responding problem it means you can’t run programs that require a CD. It might also mean that there is much more going on with your computer than you might realize so you should address the situation right away.


CD-ROM Not Responding Symptoms


Anytime you are having CD-ROM Not Responding problems you will know it as you will not be able to use your computer’s CD-ROM for anything. This means no program running, no CD playing and, if it is a burnable CD-ROM, you will also lose the ability to burn any data to disc.


CD-ROM Not Responding Causes


The range of culprits that can be at the root of your CD-ROM Not Responding problems is wide. It can be anything from a CD that is dirty to a corrupt computer registry. It might also be that your CD-ROM device drivers are out of sorts and in need of updating and/or replacing.


Getting Rid of CD-ROM Not Responding Problems

Again, as there are multiple cause for a CD-ROM Not Responding problem, there are different solutions you can try.

Solution 1: Inspect and Clean the Disc.



  1. Eject the CD from the CD-ROM.
  2. Inspect the disc for any particles of dirt and/or smudges.
  3. Use a particle fiber cloth to clean the disc.
  4. Attempt to run the disc in the CD-ROM again.


Solution 2:  Check Device Manager

  1. Click the Start Button.
  2. Click on Control Panel.
  3. Double-click on System.
  4. Click on the Hardware tab.
  5. Click on the Device Manager tab.

If the CD-ROM ha an exclamation point on it, highlight it and press the Delete key and restart your computer to reinstall the CD-ROM drive.

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