File Missing Errors at Startup/Shutdown

With even the newest computers, you may experience missing file errors in the forms of messages either during startup or during shutdown. Either can be frustrating as your computer will obviously not operate properly if you are unable to turn it off and on.

Common Symptoms

Depending on the error, your computer will either freeze during startup or shutdown, or just take an extra long time to accomplish one of the two tasks. Many times you can be clued into a potential problem as an error message stating what file is missing will pop up on the screen and disallow you to perform startup and/or shutdown properly.

Possible Causes

The most basic cause of these types of errors is the accidental or intentional deletion of part of the startup or shutdown files. Another common cause of this type of error is malware or a virus embedding itself into your computer’s files and wreaking havoc on the system.

Suggested Solution

To fix the problem you have to repair or replace the missing file, or files. To do this, you can both uninstall and then reinstall your particular operating system, such as Windows Vista or Windows 7, or you can run a scan of your computer to see if there is another potential problem you will have to deal with. Most people will first try the uninstall, reinstall method and then just conduct a scan using a program designed to do so, if the initial process doesn’t fix the problem. The scan will in turn show what the actual problem is and then the program can be utilized to fix the actual problem.

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