Fixing the Common Runtime Error 226

Runtime Errors of all types can be a common thing for PC users to encounter and one of the most common of them all is Runtime Error 226. When this error occurs it is often ignored, which can lead to the problem getting worse over time. However, it is an error that can be dealt with swiftly.

Runtime Error 226 Symptoms

Runtime Error 226 is typically caused when a program that you are running on your computer is not able to be accessed properly. If this is the case you will know it right away as you will likely not be able to access the program properly or even at all and you will also be alerted with a pop up error message.


Runtime Error 226 Causes

Again, this type of error is caused by a program that is not running properly. The reason for the improper running of the program is what can vary. It might be that your PC has contracted a nasty virus or it could be that the registry itself has become corrupt and cluttered.


Runtime Error 226 Fixes

You can try to use patches that are available online that are offered for free, but when you do this you take your chances. While some patches will work, others might not be what they claim and only make matters worse. There are also two other solutions you can manually attempt.


Solutions 1: Run an Anti-Virus Scan


  1. Open your anti-virus software and select to scan the entire computer.
  2. Let the scan finish.
  3. Delete and viruses found.
  4. Restart your computer.


Solution 2: Reinstall Program


  1. Determine the program causing the error message to occur.
  2. Click, in order, Start – Control Panel – Install/Uninstall Programs
  3. Locate the program in question.
  4. Uninstall it.
  5. Restart your computer.
  6. Reinstall the program.

Restart your computer to allow changes to go into effect.

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