Fixing Your Mouse Freeze

There is little that is more frustrating for a PC user than having a mouse freeze while being in the middle of work or play. Unfortunately, this is something that happens to the majority of the PC users out there, but that doesn’t mean you necessarily need a new mouse.


Mouse Freeze Symptoms

When your mouse freezes you certainly know it. It’s kind of like trying to drive a car without a steering wheel. When you mouse freezes up there is literally nothing you can do. Whatever program you are in, you are stuck in until your mouse is unfrozen.


Mouse Freeze Causes

When your mouse decides to freeze up it is usually at a very inopportune time and this can happen for several reasons. It may be that the sensors that are a part of your mouse are dirty. This happens a lot with a track-ball style mouse. If your mouse is wireless, it could be that the battery is low or that your USB is not connected properly. However, it could also be that your drivers need updating.


Fixing a Mouse Freeze

Fixing your mouse freeze should include a list of steps that will not only fix the problem, but steps that will also help maintain your mouse going forward:



  1. Ensure the connection with your mouse to your PC is good.
  2. If wireless, ensure a fresh battery is installed.
  3. Clean your mouse at any points necessary. You can usually take a mouse apart in order to get to its sensors.
  4. Go online and find the latest drivers for your mouse and make sure you are fully up to date. Be cautious and choose a reputable website for this.

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