Getting Rid of Runtime Error 216

Some Runtime Errors are more common than others and some are much more annoying. One Runtime Error that is a good example of both is Runtime Error 216. This error not only pops up routinely with many PC users, it also makes their online experience a living nightmare.


Runtime Error 216 Symptoms

The most obvious sign that your computer is experiencing a Runtime Error 216 will be a little pop up error message stating so. Other symptoms include a dramatic decrease in a user’s ability to surf the web. When left alone for too long, this Runtime Error can blossom and create more havoc such as sudden system freezes and/or crashes.

Runtime Error 216 Causes

The number one most common cause for this specific Runtime Error is the SubSeven Trojan Virus infecting a PC. However, this error can also be cause by another type of corruption with your PC, namely with the registry.


Getting Rid of Runtime Error 216

Because the most common cause for this Runtime Error is a virus, it only makes sense to use an anti-virus program to catch and delete the virus. However, this particular virus is a strong one and may require an anti-virus software program that can scan your computer while offline. In any case, here is what to do:


  1. Close all open applications.
  2. Open up your anti-virus software by accessing it in the tool tray.
  3. Select to scan your entire PC, not just certain system files.
  4. Allow the scan to fully run.
  5. Once completed be sure to delete anything that is found.

Restart your computer to allow completion of the process.

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