IP Address Conflict

An IP Address Conflict occurs when two computers that are on the same LAN network end up trying to use the same IP Address. As only on computer can use a unique IP Address, the conflict, or an error, will occur.

Symptoms of an IP Address Conflict

When an IP Address Conflict occurs you will receive a pop-up style error message, typically coming from the lower tool tray of your computer. In addition, one, or both, of the computers that are connected to the same LAN line may not be able to access the internet properly and there will be a number of network resources that might not be able to be accessed by either machine.

Possible Causes of an IP Address Conflict

While an IP Address Conflict is indeed rare, it often happens when multiple network adaptors have their IP Address conflict with themselves. It can also be caused by a laptop that is put in sleep mode while it is connected to another network using the same IP address or a router that is in need of updating.

How to Fix an IP Address Conflict

There are a number of ways in which to deal with an IP Address Conflict. The easiest way is to renew your computer’s IP Address in the following manner:

1. Simply release and renew the IP Address for the computer in question.

2. Restart the computer and the problem should be resolved.

Another way to approach fixing an IP Address Conflict is by updating your router’s firmware. If the DHCP server is not functioning properly then a quick update may be all you need to resolve this annoying dilemma.

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