Repairing Runtime Error 21

Runtime Errors happen all the time with PC users. Some are more intrusive than others and Runtime Error 21 is just such a Runtime Error. While it may not be all that bad at first, over time it tends to develop more problems for your PC so it should be dealt with right away.


Runtime Error 21 Symptoms

At first, the main symptom of this error will be a pop up message alerting you to the problem. However, if left for too long, there can be more error messages that come with it and this can lead to you not being able to fully access your computer at startup.


Runtime Error 21 Causes

A Runtime Error 21 is caused when one or more programs on your PC are not adequately communicating what needs to be done. This leads to mass confusion for your computer and an error message ensues. This program miscue can be caused by the actual program being installed in an inconsistent manner or it could be caused by your computer’s cluttered and/or corrupted registry. Still another possibility is a virus that has been contracted by your PC.


Fixing Runtime Error 21

The first step to stopping Runtime Error 21 is to run a complete anti-virus scan of your PC. However, as the problem likely lies with a specific program you can fix it conducting the following steps:


  1. Identify the program that is causing the problem to occur.
  2. Shut down all open applications.
  3. Click the Start Button.
  4. Click Control Panel – Add/Remove Programs.
  5. Find the program in question.
  6. Click to uninstall.
  7. Restart your computer.
  8. Reinstall the program.
  9. Restart your computer again.

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