Service Pack 3 Error

Service Pack 3 is a quick fix type of support for PC users that have Windows XP as their operating system. However, what is meant to be used as an aid can sometimes turn into a hindrance and when it does a Service Pack 3 Error will occur.


Service Pack 3 Error Symptoms

When a Service Pack 3 Error occurs you are alerted with a message. Most commonly you can expect to see messages such as “Service Pack 3 Error. Access is denied” or even “Service Pack 3 setup error. Service Pack installation did not complete.” No matter what message you get the end result will be the same; Service Pack 3 will not work for your PC.


What Causes Service Pack 3 Error

These types of errors generally occur due to system registry keys disallowing the Service Pack 3 to load. This can happen due to old and outdated drivers and is very common with a computer that has a corrupt registry. It might also be that your computer’s anti-virus software is disallowing the update to take place.


Fixing Service Pack 3 Error Troubles

Many times it is a third party program, like your computer’s anti-virus software, that is causing the fuss with the update. You can attempt to install the Service Pack 3 application after turning off your anti-virus but beware that your computer will be unprotected if you do.



  1. Close all open programs and restart your POC.
  2. Disable your anti-virus software.
  3. Attempt to reinstall the Service Pack 3 application.
  4. Restart your computer.

Enable your anti-virus software again.

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