Trayapp Error

Trayapp is a specific type of software that is automatically installed with most HP printer products. The software is needed so that the HP device in question can scan properly as well as print photos. This type of software is also known as HP Photosmart Digital Imaging software. Occasionally, a Trayapp error can and will occur.


Trayapp Error Symptoms


When a Trayapp error occurs you will not be able to use your HP printer effectively. Furthermore, a manual forced shutdown will be required each time you log off of your computer. This is not a problem that will go away on its own and will likely only get worse if left alone.


Cause of a Trayapp Error

Though a Trayapp error can have several causes there are a couple of more common causes that typically are the culprits. One would be that the MSI file used for the application is missing and/or corrupt. It could also be that a registry entry on the PC itself is corrupt which in turn will cause the error to occur.


Fixing a Trayapp Error

The easiest way to go about fixing a Trayapp error is by using the HP device’s installation disk.



  1. Start your computer.
  2. As Windows is starting up insert the HP product disk.
  3. Allow the Windows Installer to run.
  4. If a missing file is found by the installer it is likely to be replaced.
  5. Once the Windows Installer has finished restart your computer.
  6. See if the Trayapp error persists.

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