Uninstall Problems

Most Windows programs will come with uninstall software built right in, but there are many times that you may experience uninstall problems. Difficulty uninstalling a program can be problematic as it makes it harder to accomplish other tasks and can actually diminish your computer’s overall effectiveness.


Common Symptoms

When your programs are not uninstalling properly it can cause all sorts of problems for you. The first problem will be that you can’t install a newer version of a program due to the fact that the old version is not uninstalled properly. Another drawback is that your computer will try to open a program that has been half uninstalled and this will lead to a slow process that drags your computer’s performance down.

Possible Causes

The main cause of any software or program failing to uninstall is a corrupt file. That corruption will not allow the program to uninstall all the way and it seems that no matter what you do, you just can’t complete the uninstall. Another possibility would be your computer’s registry needing a good cleaning.

Suggested Solution

As with many other computer programs, you can tackle your uninstall problems one of two ways; manually or automatically. The manual way to approach the situation will include you going into your system files and continuing to try and uninstall the program. If that fails then you are stuck trying to find all the files of the program and conducting a manual delete. The problem is that it can be tricky to find all of the actual files and if they aren’t all deleted then the uninstall is not complete. The automated way is to obtain a program that will scan your system and catch whatever corruption or malfunction is happening. These programs also allow for a quick and easy fix that even the most computer un-savvy person can handle.

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