Windows Installer Errors

Windows Installer is what is responsible for making sure that your Windows operating system computer installs and uninstalls all of the software and programs that you use in the proper manner. This program takes all the information from the program or software being utilized and does things such as file its registration information in the registry to be accessed later. When a Window Installer engine gets corrupt, then you will often face many different Windows Installer error messages.


Common Symptoms

‘Could not start the Windows Installer service on Local Computer. Error 5: Access is denied’ along with many, many other Windows Installer error messages are the first clue you will have that there may be a problem. There are many of these error messages that can pop up and each will have a corresponding number that goes with them. The number will represent what the actual problem is and they usually start at 1,000 or higher.


Possible Causes

There are many different causes for Windows Installer errors, though the most common are:


Suggested Solution

You can attempt to complete any Windows Updates that have not already been done to your computer, but if that doesn’t work you should then have your computer scanned. There are many programs available that will scan your computer and find the core problem and even fix that problem, for you. Because most Windows Installer errors are not due to the Windows Installer itself, but rather a small detail somewhere within your system, it is easier to scan your computer first and see what the problem may be. You can manually try to figure out the problem, but you will likely go bonkers trying to figure it out.

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