Common DLL Errors

DLL is an acronym for Dynamic Link Library and it was developed so that users could run many programs at the same time. Because of this vast system that was created with DLLs, there are many DLL errors that can occur, some that are more common than others.

Corefoundation.dll Error

This is an Apple iTunes software that frequently runs into trouble. When trouble happens, you are typically alerted with a ‘missing’ or ‘not found’ error when you start your computer or when you load your file. The most seen cause of this common DLL error is malware infection.

D3dx9_x.dll Error

If Windows can’t run this Direct X application from Microsoft, then chances are that there is a problem with your computer’s registry. This common DLL error can greatly influence the performance of your computer.

HAL.dll Error

This file is a hidden file that is used by Windows XP to help your computer communicate with its hardware. The message “missing or corrupt HAL.dll” usually means that this common DLL error has taken place on your computer which can be the result of corruption or accidental deletion.

Leframe.dll Error

This common DLL error is one that occurs with Windows latest operating system, Windows 7. A leframe.dll error is signified with the error message, “File Not Found C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32IEFRAME.DLL.”

Kernal32.dll Error

This file handles memory management as well as output and input operations and interpretations. When this application goes bad, you are notified with an invalid page fault, or IFP, error message.

Msxml6.dll Error

These kinds of errors occur when your system has some of its essential files missing or it is misconfigured altogether. This is usually due to your computer not being maintained properly and is a tell tale sign that your computer needs immediate attention.

Fixing Common DLL Errors

Any of these common DLL errors can be diagnosed and fixed using a scanning program that can identify and fix the main problems associated with each. Once the problem or problems are fixed, your computer will generally run as well as it did the day you bought it.

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