Common .exe Errors

Just as with any other type of files, the many .exe files on your computer will run into problems from time to time. There are obviously some .exe errors that will be more common than others and these errors can keep you from accomplishing what you need to get done.

Lsass.exe Error

This file is the one that is responsible for verifying your information at startup. If this file error occurs and you see an error message, that means you may be having trouble getting your computer to start up and finding your desktop.

Servcies.exe Error

This file is the service control manager. It is the file that is responsible for interacting with your system’s services as well as running and stopping services. When an error with this file occurs, you usually see a message that reads, “Servcies.exe-Application Error.”

Svchost.exe Error

This file is a generic file that is used as a ‘host process’ for services that run .dll. This type of file error usually reads as an application error message and can be caused by a corrupt Windows Update.

Wuaclt.exe Error

This file is one that runs in the background of your system and is constantly checking for Windows updates. If a wuaclt.exe file has been damaged you will usually be alerted with an error message that may read:

“WUAUCLT.EXE has caused an error in WUV31S.DLL
WUAUCLT will now close.”

Common .exe Errors Solutions

If you are seeing one or more of these errors on a frequent basis then there is a good chance that your computer’s registry has either become corrupt or just needs a good cleaning. You can use a scanning program to run through all the files of your computer and see for yourself just how many errors you have. Once you see the number of errors, you may determine it is in your best interest to continue on with the program and have the errors fixed so that the error messages stop and your machine gets back to running the way it should.

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