Dealing with Runtime Error R6025

As with most Runtime Error, Runtime Error R6025 can be quite annoying and inconvenient. This particular Runtime Error is usually associated with C++ programming and when ignored for too long it will only get worse.


Runtime Error R6025 Symptoms

Runtime Error R6025 is easy to spot as a pop up message will come up when the problem is happening. This is sometimes followed with a “pure vital function call” message as well. The end result is always the same, a computer that can’t access C++ properly, which only intensifies over time.


Runtime Error R6025 Causes

This error occurs when a user indirectly calls a virtual function which is pure within a certain context to an abstract base classes’ destructor or constructor. In simple terms, the program is not communicating properly with the PC. This can be caused by a virus or might even be caused by a PC’s registry being corrupted with bad files.

Runtime Error R6025 Fixes

Fixing this type of Runtime Error requires a somewhat advanced technique. Before executing, a full scan of your computer with an anti-virus software program is a good idea. Once the scan is complete, if the problem still persists then execute the following steps to perform a Windows API function known as a DebugBreak:

  1. Use a quality debugger.
  2. Implement the DebugBreak.
  3. This will cause, or force, a hard code breakpoint.
  4. View the callstack.
  5. Ascertain the function.
  6. Use that function to replace the pure virtual function.

Restart your computer to allow changes to take hold.

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