Do-It-Yourself Solution for adctrlsres.dll Problems

If you are experiencing adctrlsres.dll errors you are likely not able to access anything to do with your Autodesk program as Autodesk, Inc. is where the files would have originated. Therefore, an adctrlsres.dll error message will render your Autodesk experience useless and if left alone, the problem will only get worse and possibly begin to disrupt other areas of your computer’s performance.

What Causes an adctrlsres.dll Problem?

When an adctrlsres.dll error is occurring it is usually due to conflicting applications that are likely running at the same time on your computer. An error message will typically alert you to the problem. This can lead to corrupt files within your computer’s registry, but since you are the one who installed the Autodesk program onto your computer, you too can fix the program when it runs into annoying adctrlsres.dll problems.

How to Fix adctrlsres.dll Problems

There are several ways to go about fixing the adctrlsres.dll errors that may be affecting your computer. The way that works best for you will all depend on your particular set of circumstances.

Solution 1: Remove and Replace adctrlsres.dll


Search for the adctrlsres.dll file using the search box under the start menu.

  1. Once the adctrlsres.dll file has been located, uninstall it.
  2. Search online for a replacement adctrlsres.dll file and download once found.
  3. Restart your computer so changes can take hold.

Solution 2: Uninstall Multiple Applications

In this case, you will be eliminating a lot of the conflicting applications that might be running at the same time.


Click start on your computer.

  1. Click Control Panel.
  2. Click Uninstall Programs under Programs.
  3. Look through the list of programs and begin to uninstall those that you do not use on a regular basis.
  4. Restart your computer once finished so all changes and uninstalls can properly take hold.

Solution 3: Uninstall and then Reinstall Autodesk

Since the adctrlsres.dll error occurs as a result of the Autodesk program, you can attempt to fix the problem by wiping out the program all together and then reinstalling it.


Click start on your computer.

  1. Click Control Panel.
  2. Click Uninstall programs under Programs.
  3. Find the Autodesk program.
  4. Click ‘uninstall’ and follow the prompts.
  5. Restart your computer.
  6. Reinstall Autodesk.
  7. Restart your computer again.

Anytime you are experiencing problems with adctrlsres.dll errors, your user experience can be diminished. We hope that the information we have provided here will help you to gain control back of your computer so you can enjoy your user experience once more. Should you have additional questions, you can simply contact us. We are always happy to help out in any way we can. Thank you for choosing our website and good luck.

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