Postmortem Debugger

Dr. Watson Postmortem Debugger is an error debugging program that is used by Windows XP on other crashed programs after the fact. The program collects information about a specific error that has occurred and then sends that information off, but sometimes even a Postmortem Debugger error can occur.


Postmortem Debugger Error Symptoms


As it is, the Postmortem Debugger program uses considerable resources on a PC and can slow a machine down a bit. However, when the program starts running into errors then it is highly likely that the PC will experience a big slow down as well as an error message about the Postmortem Debugger problem.


Causes of Postmortem Debugger Errors

The Postmortem Debugger error is most likely caused by one or more files on a PC being corrupt. This can be due to a registry that is unorganized which can easily lead to the error. Another possible cause could be a virus.


Fixing the Postmortem Debugger Errors

To fix the Postmortem Debugger errors you may be experiencing you can first try to manually run a Windows Update. Be sure that you restart your computer once you have performed a manual update so all new updates will take hold. If you do that and you are still having problem you can try to run an anti-virus scan.



  1. Double click on your anti-virus icon.
  2. Select to scan the entire computer.
  3. Allow the scan to run.
  4. If any viruses are found delete them immediately.
  5. Restart your computer to allow changes to take effect.
  6. See if problems persist.

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