What to do with Installer Error 1603

Installer Error 1603 is often encountered when a PC user is attempting to install a Microsoft Windows Package. This makes it so the actual installation roll back and therefore cannot be completed as requested.


Installer Error 1603 Symptoms

The Installer Error 1603 will show up as a pop up type error message and will announce a fatal error has occurred during installation. Once a user clicks OK, the installation will roll back and not take place. This is an error that will only get worse over time and can cause more things to go wrong if left unchecked.


Installer Error 1603 Causes

This error can occur for several reasons. The most likely is that your system doesn’t have Full Control permission on the folder you are trying to install. Another likely cause is that the folder you are trying to uninstall is encrypted and thus causing the error. However, it might also be the fact that your computer’s registry is corrupted and/or cluttered.


Fixing Installer Error 1603

Depending on what is causing the problem, you may have to try a few things before a solution is found that will work for you. However, the most likely fix is allowing full permission for the folder you are trying to install.



  1. Double click My Computer.
  2. Right Click the drive you desire to install to and click on Properties.
  3. Click the Securities tab.
  4. Verify either the Name box or Group or user box, depending on your operating system.
  5. Look for the Permissions section and click on the Full Control check box located under Allow.
  6. Restart your computer.
  7. Attempt installation again.

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