Windows Live messager Error

Windows LiveMail e-mail is the latest and greatest e-mailing platform that Microsoft has to offer. One of the chief complaints with this new e-mailing platform has been an error that does not allow the user to send or receive e-mails.


Common Symptoms


This frustrating error is easy to spot. Once you log into your account you will see right away that something has gone wrong. Instead of seeing your e-mails come into your inbox you will be greeted with an error message stating that your e-mails cannot be sent or received.

Possible Causes

When Windows LiveMail acts up in this fashion it is usually due to something that is wrong with your computer’s registry and not the actual program itself. While that is not always the case, it is the most likely. There is also a chance that there are some drivers on your computer associated with Windows LiveMail that are not properly updated or may have been damaged in one way or another.


Suggested Solution

You can try to fix the Windows LiveMail problem yourself in several short steps as follows:



If this fails to work you can always try a program that will scan your computer’s registry and check your entire computer for any driver related problems. This type of program will allow you to scan for free and then evaluate the situation. If you choose to, you can go a little further and have the program clean up and fix any problems that are encountered and this should have your Windows LiveMail working at peak performance once more.

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